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Since 2010

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About T's service

Hello there !

 T's service has started the service since 2010. I have been taking care of many type of houses , apartments ,vacation apartments, airbnb , small offices , yoga studio and local clinics. TS has been opening the business in new area Yokosuka and Yokohama , Tokyo. TS has also been sewing service making and fixing the cloth and fabrics by myself. I will be expanding to more city area and looking forward to seeing the new neighbors!

 2010年よりカリフォルニア州ベイエリアにて”忙しい都会に暮らす人々”からの依頼を請けコミュニケーションを大切に豊富な経験を積んでまいりました。帰国後はスキル向上を目指し整理についての基礎を学び整理収納アドバイザー2級を取得、2020年11月よりT's serviceは日本での事業を再開始しています。新たな人々との出会いを大切に楽しみにしています。

ホーム: 概要

T's service offered

T’s service does regular cleaning, organizing ,do the laundry and sewing , make your room tidy and looks better. Your offices, shops, clinics ,walk-in closet ,kitchen ,shelf or any space wherever you wanna focus on it. You are able to keep it tidy easily yourself. You live alone or with a roommate , family, TS does also some extra tasks make a bed ,clean refrigerator ,wipe the window ,sweep the inside of  entrance and quick errands and you have pets(optional) if you are necessary. However these options are available and the price from ¥1,500 ~ when you order regular service. TS would love to help you and does the best as always.

T's serviceはお客様それぞれのニーズやお好みにパーソナライズしたサービスをご提供いたします。

ホーム: サービス

Get cleaned !​


1 room(1person)/ 1.5~2hours 6,000yen~
2 bed room / 2 hours~ 7,500 yen~
A house / up to 3hours  9,500 yen
T's 1spot deep cleaning / 3,500 yen

ホーム: 営業時間


Need some help with cleaning or organizing?

Get free estimated !

-  one time 

- weekly

- bi-weekly

- and monthly

** I charge transportation fee each person

Tokyo area +¥1000 and Yokohama ¥500.

Please fill the form with ( * ) your

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